Watching the snowflakes tumbling down Gracefully, silently to the ground Sparkling crystals come into view Making the World look fresh and new bullet The mailbox wearing a fluffy snow hat Too cold for neighbors to stop and chat Icicles forming in the tall pine trees Before too long, the creek will freeze bullet Kids playing outside with snowsuits on Ignoring the cold, enjoying the fun Looking forward to hot chocolate Before a fire that's blazing hot bullet Jack Frost peeking through a window pane To tell us it's wintertime again The nighttime sky so clear and bright Everything covered with a blanket of white bullet Soon, the Christmas season comes A wonderland, the yard becomes Twinkling lights glowing everywhere Wrapping gifts for all to share bullet Snowy nights peaceful and serene Trees now white that once were green Was the Christ child born on such a night? Oh, it must have been a beautiful sight bullet A star shining brightly that holy night Guiding the wise men to that blessed site Angels rejoicing with wings unfurled A Son sent by God to save the World bullet God's beauty surrounding as I fall asleep The children too tired to make a peep Praising God for His great sacrifice For all our sins, Jesus paid the price Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 3, 2006 All Rights Reserved bullet

"Wonderland By Night"
Sequenced by Jack Hall
The Corner Lounge