Lovingly dedicated to someone I love who can always cheer me when I'm down. I heard that you're not feeling well So I thought I'd pay you a visit I've felt poorly a couple of times It's sure no picnic, is it? It's not as easy as some might think To free yourself from depression I've been there, done that many a day And there's usually a regression There's no need to be ashamed When you feel you've hit rock bottom That's what medicine and friends are for Just be happy that you've got 'em It hurts to see you in this blue funk So teary-eyed and melancholy Open the curtains; let the sunlight in I'll cheer you up, by golly Your depression can be overcome But it won't be an easy task Hold God's hand and trust your friends When you need our help, just ask You always comfort me when I'm down I hope you like my humble bouquet So get out of that bed and pick yourself up 'Cause our friendship is here to stay Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 6, 2006 All Rights Reserved

  "Am I Blue"
Sal's Standards
  Sequenced by RedSal