Lying here in bed so snuggly and warm Dreading to crawl out of it this morning On the ten o'clock news on TV last night They issued a snow and freeze warning The garage is loaded with toys, bikes and junk And I have to park out by the street The windows get frozen and covered with ice And the wipers paralyzed with the sleet As I go out the door, I start sprinkling salt On the driveway to help keep from falling About halfway there, the door opens wide And one of the children starts calling Before I know it, they all three pile out I have to make them go back in the house All the while hoping it's not a snow day I'm starting to feel like a louse I get the door open and start up the car Hoping I can make it to work Along comes a snow plow and covers it up The fool driver is grinning like a jerk Kids are hungry and yelling for breakfast Digging the car out is just a lost cause The newscaster says there's no school today To keep from screaming, I'm clenching my jaws I call up the office to request a sick day While the kids dress to play in the snow Putting on mittens, galoshes and hats Feeling guilty, I'm glad to see them go About an hour later, they're back in the house Complaining about the wind and the cold Now drinking hot chocolate in front of the TV The messy house is a sight to behold My mind is all muddled from what's going on Thinking about the long winter ahead I'm still in my jammies and old worn out robe So, I think I'll sneak back to my bed Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© August 2, 2006 All Rights Reserved

"Santa Boogie"
Christmas at Midnight Midis