There's a funny story I'd like to tell It's about my dear Uncle Ewell He was married to Daddy's sister, Sadie A rare and much-loved jewel Uncle Ewell was a traveling salesman Worked many years for Fuller Brush He eked out a pretty good living Though the family certainly wasn't flush He made his rounds five days a week And always came home at night A fine and religious family man Ewell never complained of his plight There also lived in the neighborhood A woman whose mind seemed hazy She did such wild and wacky things That people thought Dressie was crazy She behaved in such a peculiar way But she had never done any real harm Some folks said she wouldn’t hurt a fly While others saw reason for alarm Poor thing had become a Peeping Tom Her gawking was downright pesky One night, Daddy rolled over in bed And locked eyeballs with Dressie He then let out a horrendous yell And Dressie just ran off screaming Not sure if he saw what he thought he saw Daddy wondered if he'd been dreaming She'd peeked in several windows that night And the whole situation was messy People got together and decided that Something had to be done about Dressie Ewell was elected, since he had a car To take her to the county looney bin He left her with a nurse just inside the door 'Cause he just couldn't bear to go in He worked for several hours that day And didn't sell much of anything When he trudged up his front porch steps Dressie was sitting in Ewell's old swing She told him she'd had such fun that day Wondered when they could do it again People realized they could tolerate her And they decided to let her remain I never knew what became of Dressie Don't think she ever went very far Except for the day that Uncle Ewell Took her to Pikeville in his motor car Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 16, 2006 All Rights Reserved



Sequenced by Dick Anderson
Dick Anderson's Country Guitar