Fouf O' August
Today's the fouf o' August We had one just last year I think I'll put my jammies on And clean my fishing gear Maybe I'll saddle up the old porch swing And take a little vacation A grilled cheese sandwich sure sounds nice I'm ready to take dictation The teakettle is whistling So I'll just sing along I'd better answer the telephone Before I get it wrong A bee is buzzing 'round my head I'm kind of hungry too I have to dust the wheelbarrow And find my other shoe The TV picture is fuzzy So I'll just swat that fly I think I heard the doorbell Before I say goodbye I'm busy cooking supper I forgot to mow my teeth I have to vacuum on the roof And hang a Christmas wreath I put my hat on inside out I think the bathtub's broken It's snowing on my trashcan My stove has never spoken There's not a cloud up in the sky I can't find my umbrella The piano needs a tuning I sure do like that fella I need to put my coat on It sure is dark outside The clock is ticking upside down Grandma's rooster died I have to shave my underwear Overweight is a myth Today's the fouf o' August Wonder if tomorrow's the fifth Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ August 4, 2005 All Rights Reserved Mail     Home     Back Guestbook     Share This Page