Lacy snowflakes falling from a heavy, grey sky Floating playfully as they tumble down Beautifully decorating the tall evergreens In hardly any time at all, covering the ground The day is quiet save for the whisper of the wind Lifting the flakes; creating a picture wonderland Branches bending with the weight of the snow Proclaiming the winter season is now at hand The graceful snow is reflecting light from all around Transforming the landscape into a blanket of white Glistening like thousands of diamonds and crystals Happy children playing with unbridled delight Shivering little birds finding warm places to hide Huddling together until the storm passes through When the sky is clear and the wind is placid Venturing outside with their feathers all askew The first snow of the season is like a magical treasure When our world is covered with nature's featherbed But along with the wondrous beauty it brings Comes the knowledge of the cold winter ahead Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 11, 2006 All Rights Reserved   

Snow effect by Kurt Grigg
Tubes by Ivy

"Let It Snow" from Midnight Midis