First Love First love is often called puppy love Or maybe we find true love that lasts We tend to follow our heart's command And it offers no forecasts Sighs of pure joy filled my young heart When we met on that bridge long ago Your voice sublime caressed my ears My heart knew then I would love you so There were days of joy and some with tears And the heartaches that loving one can bring But endearments flowed from mutual happiness Your love always made my heart sing Supporting me in whatever I yearned for You made me blossom when I was shy Though I was with you when you breathed your last We never had the chance to say good-bye During all those years together Many hopes and dreams came true Thousands of things I don't remember As clearly as my love for you Echoes reaching out through the years Your sweetness lost did not depart Our love still blossoms somewhere deep In the hidden recesses of my heart Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 24, 2006 All Rights Reserved

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Artwork is "The Kiss Goodnight"
©Brent Benger
(All Rights Reserved)

"Young Love"
Sequencer Unknown to Me