I remember summer nights
And watching fireflies
Happily flitting to and fro
Lighting up the skies


We all ran to chase them down
And put some in a jar
Punching holes into the lid
To make sure they'd get air


We sat the jars beside our beds
Where they would glow all night
Next day, after we turned them loose
They would fly right out of sight


We pulled off their little tails
And stuck them on our clothes
Pretended they were diamond rings
Fascinated by the golden glows


I got mad at my friend, Patty
And put one up her nose
The poor girl started screaming
It came out with several blows


Night sounds then were awesome
Ah, the chirping of the crickets
And the croaking of the little frogs
That lived among the thickets


Before we knew it, we'd all grown up
And had children of our own
The joy of chasing fireflies
Most kids have never known


I do have some regrets, though
And I know we sure weren't wise
When we pulled off the glowing tails
From those poor little fireflies


Recalling those special childhood times
When we enjoyed the ordinary pleasures
And lived a sparse, simplistic life
Are the ones my heart most treasures


Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
July 1, 2006
All Rights Reserved


Float Script
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive
"Flight Of The Bumblebee"
Sequenced by Bruce Robert Wood
Laura's MIDI Heaven Artist Unknown to Me
No Copyright Infringement Intended