An old and faded photograph Crumbling and brown with age Sits in a tarnished picture frame A memory in a gilded cage A round, gold pocket watch and chain That once was carried with pride Stares silently from the dresser top It ceased ticking when its owner died A lacy scarf crocheted by hand Is one that her Mother made Given to her on her wedding day Its delicate edges long since frayed The Bible that he used to read With spectacles perched upon his nose A tasseled marker at the last page read Forever to reside by a dried pink rose All these mementoes from the past Of two dear ones loved and treasured And what they taught us along the way Was true wisdom that can never be measured Let us not be concerned with monetary gain When a loved one this world departs For the family treasures that mean the most Are the ones held within in our hearts Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© September 9, 2006 All Rights Reserved


Written and Performed by Margi Harrell