Evening Stroll Each day after sunset I take an evening stroll In awe of God's creations His wonders to extol As the hours are waning I retrieve my parasol Tripping lightly through the glen Such beauty does enthrall Mesmerized by nature The air so fresh and crisp I view the golden sunset And see a Will O' the Wisp Sitting proudly on a rosebud Is a gilded butterfly Snowy white clouds billowing Against an azure sky A kaleidoscope of colors Is emblazoned overhead Where a gentle summer rain Left a rainbow in its stead By a pool of crystal water I pause to rest awhile Looking at my reflection I see a contented smile Surrounded by God's artistry Resplendent in its display I promise to return again For tomorrow is another day Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ June 22, 2006 All Rights Reserved

Music: Shenandoah
Sequencer Unknown To Me