Easter Morn There is nothing quite so pleasant As the season known as Spring When flowers bloom With sweet perfume And robins start to sing Rays of sunshine bright and warm The trees all green and bright Blue skies everywhere Nothing can compare It's a day of pure delight Bees are buzzing all around Drifting playfully among the flowers School's out for the day There's more time to play In this season of longer hours Now comes a special morning The day has just begun Sweet faces beaming Bright morning gleaming Running outside one by one Yards filled with laughing children Scampering through the grass Easter baskets swinging Voices merrily singing In dew like drops of glass And if you listen close enough You can almost hear God's voice His great wisdom to impart You must listen with your heart And on this day rejoice Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© April 9. 2006 All Rights Reserved


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