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I loved to visit Grandma's house 'Way back in the fifties Every visit was a treat 'Cause she was really nifty Setting good examples for us all A dear, sweet woman, God bless her And my very favorite thing to do Was plunder through her dresser Each drawer held a new adventure I always wondered what I'd find I never did feel guilty 'Cause Grandma didn't mind On the top was a picture of Grandpa Straight and proud in his uniform He died in France in World War I Lonely and far from home Grandma's dresser set was silver-framed She used to brush my hair While I looked in her mirror Imagining a grown-up girl in there There were lacy handkerchiefs all solid white With her monogram in satin thread Frilly nightgowns neatly folded And the flannel ones she wore in bed Grandma always smelled so good Like soap, perfume and flowers Her drawers were filled with sweet sachet That I could smell for hours Oh, those wonderful, carefree times Are etched in my memory I carry one of her handkerchiefs now It's my favorite accessory Kathleen McCoy Eldridge September 14, 2005 All Rights Reserved


"Some Sunday Morning"
Sequenced by Frank Schober
Grandpa Schober's Original Midi Files

Thank you, Patti.