I have found the love of Jesus
He lives deep within my soul
Faith has been my guiding light
And of my life He has control

When my mortal life is over
There will be no more debates
I'll be taken up to Heaven
To that Land where joy awaits

When I stand before the judgment
I want to know that I've done my best
And be welcomed there with open arms
Into that Land of eternal rest

I'll meet you at the gates of Heaven
We'll walk together hand in hand
And all the loved ones gone before
Will show us through the Promised Land

Oh, what a wonderful, glorious time
In a Land where we'll never grow old
Where fountains of crystal water flow
And the streets are paved with gold

Because of God's great sacrifice
Heaven's waiting for me, I know
I'll be sheltered in His loving arms
Until it's time for me to go

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge
ŠJuly 6, 2006
All Rights Reserved


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