Twilight comes and all is calm Another day is through A sense of longing fills my heart As I remember you The joy, the happiness, the fun And all the love we found Live only in my memory To you, I'm always bound I know you didn't want to go I know you had no choice What I would give to see your face And once more hear your voice We hoped for many happy years But our time together was brief You breathed your last that fateful day And left me full of grief A home that once was full of love A heart no longer fulfilled And with the passing of the years The pain is with me still But time moves on and so do we And nothing stays the same I'll always think of you, my love And lonely I'll remain Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 15, 2005 All Rights Reserved


"True Love Ways"
Written & Recorded by Buddy Holly
Sequencer Unknown to Me