A bunny named William, I'm told Declared that he was too old To hide Easter eggs Because of his legs His body they just could not hold He started when just a wee thing Candy and treats he would bring It made him so happy To hear his old Pappy When the wee bunny's praises he'd sing The years just seemed to fly by But William was still young and spry He delivered all the candy And it made him feel dandy 'Cause he'd eat much more than he'd buy The job started taking its toll It was harder and harder to stroll Down street after street How it blistered his old feet He was getting mighty tired of his role Then William started losing his hair He must hand down the job to his heir There were Chris, Mark and Jason What a choice he was facin' The boys said, "Oh, no, that ain't fair!" A bunny who once was so bold Had delivered all the eggs he could dole He passed the job to Virginia Said, "You got it in ya." Now wee William's tale has been told Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© April 2, 2006 All Rights Reserved


Here Comes Peter Cottontail
Sequencer Unknown To Me