Ronnie's Bug Cheryl's hubby bought a little yellow bug And he really loved driving that thing About that time gas prices were rising He realized the savings it would bring Our Ronnie's not a slight, little fellow He stands a few inches over six feet But he could fold himself into that bug And still leave enough room in the seat One day, they all came to visit us Cheryl, Ronnie and their three young offspring Five crowded in that little yellow car It's a wonder they all fit in that thing They were going on over to Mama's And asked if we wanted to go along I laughed 'cause, I thought they were joking But Ronnie didn't see anything wrong Now there were eight in the buggy Like a bunch of funny circus clowns All of us were laughing and talking And the faces didn't show any frowns We were all riding along so merrily When the car hit a patch of bad weather The eight of us rose up in unison 'Cause we found we were all stuck together We thanked him for the fun that we'd had And for letting us ride in his bug Appearing so proud of his yellow little car "My pleasure," Ronnie said with a shrug Oh, how we all laughed and enjoyed that time That happened so many years ago The children are all grown and still talk about The day we looked like a circus sideshow Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 27, 2006 All Rights Reserved
The Champ! "Arkansas Traveler"
Sequenced by Bruce M. Bowman