The candle light was slowly flickering You looked so contented as it glowed How could I know that I would never again Know the feelings your love once bestowed The thought that you would ever betray One who would give his life for you Had never even crossed my trusting mind Until you told me we were through I suppose my love just wasn't enough To calm your yearning for another's lust When I think of all that you threw away I remember you with total disgust I heard that your new love left you Before the ink on our papers were dry What goes around must come around Now it's your turn to sit and cry I guess it would be the gentlemanly thing To forget and to wish you the best But I hope you get what you deserve 'Cause without you, I now feel blessed I've realized that your leaving Was the way is was meant to be Thanks so much for cheating on me I'm much happier now that I'm free Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 3, 2005 All Rights Reserved

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Your Cheatin' Heart
Sequenced by Dick Anderson
MIDI Studio Consortium

Graphic Set by Designer Lady
from the CD 2 collection