Asa & Papaw

My name is Asa and I try to be good
But sometimes I get into trouble
When Daddy threatens to tan my hide
I run to Papaw's on the double

My Papaw is my very best friend
And tells me to mind my Dad
I want to do just what he says
Then try harder not to be bad

I love to go to Papaw's house
Together, we have such fun
We used to play catch out in the yard
But now Papaw can hardly run

We sit on the porch in rocking chairs
And he always has a tale to tell
Sometimes he makes them up, I know
But his stories are really swell

Papaw has a great big garden
In the field down by the creek
He lets me go there with him
A couple of times a week

He always wears his big straw hat
And suspenders that are very red
I try to walk and talk like him
And remember thing's he's said

When I have an accident with my bike
Papaw fixes it and I'm a pest
He laughs and whistles while he works
Then I ride while he takes a rest

I love my Papaw so very much
I wish he could ride a bike like me
He sits and watches while I have fun
'Cause he's not as young as he used to be

When my Papaw goes up to Heaven
It will nearly break my heart
I'll never have another friend as good
As my Papaw's been from the start

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
May 7, 2006
All Rights Reserved


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