America's Kitchen Lovingly Dedicated to America Elizabeth Hatfield McCoy There's something about an old-fashioned kitchen That takes my mind back to times long ago Where there were homemade apple pies and mothers Clad in long aprons and kneading bread dough The room smelled of spices, of yeast and fresh fruit And the canned goods that lined the pantry shelf Nothing compared to the aroma of freshly baked bread Slathered with butter that she had churned herself Hot biscuits for breakfast and cornbread at night Over the years, made for lots of good eating Bacon, eggs and gravy and soupy pinto beans She made while holding the baby she was feeding Every Friday was set aside for baking and desserts And she made enough to feed the family for a week Pies cooling on the windowsills and cookies on racks We licked the bowls then a few samples we'd sneak Many a hot, summer day was spent in that kitchen With canning fruit, homemade marmalade and jellies But on the cold, long and blustery days of the winter All that canned stuff brought satisfaction to our bellies Holidays were always special and there was plenty of food Eight children, parents and friends could eat their fill Baked ham from the smokehouse, roast turkey fresh plucked Fresh milk, apple cider and moonshine from the still She never went to school and couldn't read any books But had more knowledge in her head than a computer Life surely wasn't easy in the early nineteen hundreds When America Hatfield had Frank McCoy as her suitor Feeling so privileged to have been part of her family I benefitted from the fine examples that she set A hard-working, god-fearing Christian mother and wife Good times in America's kitchen are ones I will never forget Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ March 31, 2007 All Rights Reserved

"Remember Me" 
Sequenced by Harry Todd
MIDI Picking by Harry Todd