Virginia (Ginny) Bryant Website Mail

My name is Ginny Bryant. I was born and raised on the East Coast of Virginia in a small town, population of approximately 11,000. I have been married to my husband Bobby for 57 years. He is my biggest fan, best friend and love of my life since high school. We have been blessed with a beautiful family of four married children, nine grandchildren, seven step grandchildren and one great grandchild. I have enjoyed writing poetry since I was very young but never expected to have two greeting card web sites, Journey Of Love 1 and 2 and become the publisher of two books of poetry with the same name as my web sites.

I wrote for many online web sites as well as Christian magazines for a number of years. As a result I have well over 6,000 published poems that have been viewed on the Internet over the years. I enjoy hearing from all the wonderful people that read and use my work. It is very uplifting to know that I have touched someone's heart. My goal has always been to help others with words of wisdom, humor and inspiration. My third book of poetry which has just been completed makes me realize the important part of having God by my side. He is the one that has made it all possible for me. I use my hand to pen the words but he puts those words in my heart.

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Carol G. (Cali) Oliver Website Mail

I am a retired Registered Nurse, mother of four and wife of 45 years. My family comes first and I am grateful for the many years of joy that they have brought me. In return, it is my desire to give my poetry and children's stories to them. Occasionally, I will add bits of prose to the mix.

I must thank all the people who encouraged me to put my poems and stories on the Internet. There, I was exposed to the real people who also write and publish. All my life, I had companions like Longfellow, Bene't, Poe (all of whom I knew from books) and then I met Daniel Berrigan, a real live poet, and like the poets of old he too was a rebel. Still the world of literature and poetry beckoned to me and he encouraged me to publish more of my poetry.

It took a while but then I met people like Deb, Gayle, Melva, Kathleen and Shy. They have brought much joy and completion to my life.

I have special training in psychiatry, genealogy, and care of the dying. I am proud to say that I was one of seven who founded the Hospice of our county and in conjunction with that I have been active in volunteer services for the poor as well as church and social affairs.

Bernice Ward Website Mail

My name is Bernice and I'm from Newfoundland Canada. My dad passed away in 1988, such a beautiful Christain dad. My mom is still living she is doing good in fair health and she too is a Christian mom.

I was married to a wonderful man his name was Jim. God called Jim home on July 07, 2007 - Oh how we miss him. We have two beautiful boys, two beautiful daughter-in-laws, three gifts from God our three grandchildren Justin, Julian, and Sarah... My children and grandchildren are all involved in church, we are proud of them.

My friend Gloria encouraged me to take my pen and write. I prayed much about it and God inspired me to write my thoughts. My prayer daily is that God will use my poems and devotions to encourage and uplift others, and will minister to those who do not have a personal relationship with my Jesus.

I'm proud to say I have been a Christian since the age of thirteen, not perfect just forgiven. and love my Lord so much...I grew up in church and so happy I held on to God's nail scarred hand. My desire is to please my Lord and pray many will accept Jesus into their hearts before its too late.. Jesus is the world's model..Get to know Him today...God bless you....

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