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I was born in a fairly small county in North Carolina, and born at home, with a midwife friend of my parents on hand to help with the delivery. I came out a bouncy healthy baby, number 6 in a family of 7. I was raised in a poor home, my father was a tenant farmer and actually he worked for his wealthy brother and worked on his farm on which we lived on. I was born in a two story house 5 room house, without a bathroom or running water.

Today I am grandmother to 4 wonderful grandchildren. I have 3 boys, Kyle(20), Christopher(11) and Jason (7). Just last Thanksgiving, November 23, 2007, God blessed my daughter and her husband with a beautiful little girl, Taylor Nicole. Taylor was born 3 months premature and fought quite a battle for life. Many, Many prayers went up for her and we call her our Miracle Baby. I have written several poems about and for Taylor and they are on Shy's Corner of Blessings. She is now 16 months old and doing great..

I have been playing piano and organ since I was a child about 10 years old. My grandmother encouraged me very much to learn and I did have 9 months of lessons. The Lord gave me a great gift for music. I read notes as well as play songs by ear. Before I was stricken with Fibromyalgia, I enjoyed singing as well, and have been in a few music groups, nothing PRO, just sang locally and for the glory of the Lord.

Now my main activity is making pages for my websites, and writing poetry, which I love immensely. I love to surf the internet to find new Christian sites and I enjoy finding and visiting graphic sites as well. Unlike some of my friends who have websites, I have not learned the art of making beautiful graphics, maybe one day.

I also endeavor to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, as well as offer information on this site for those of us who have Fibromyalgia.

I am involved in a couple of prayer groups, which is a great ministry on the internet. I love meeting new people and I love witnessing for Jesus Christ. I also have a heart for the elderly, in the past I ministered in music and devotionals in nursing and assisted living homes. Fibromyalgia has since prevented me from participating like I used to do.

I am happy with my life and want to do my best to be a witness for Jesus, that others can see Him in me. I do not claim to be perfect in anyway, I am just a sinner saved by grace. I am a member of a Baptist church and attend as my health allows.

So there you have it, my life as it is, and love for Christ and furthering His work...........God Bless, Shy

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Mary Carter Mizrany is a published writer/poet whose writings can be seen on many websites, books of poetry, anthologies, church bulletins and church groups, as well as, included in programs of conferences, funerals, weddings, etc.

Mary writes devotionals through On Wings of Faith Ministries sent bi~weekly to over 10,000 members. The Lord gets all the glory for Mary's writings.

Mary resides in Texas with her husband, Gordon, who has always been a great encourager to Mary. Musing by Mary is a home~ based business through which Mary creates personal greeting cards, gift baskets, framed callligraphy poems, etc.

Lora Cox Website Mail

I was born on March 5, 1933 in a one-room cabin in the small coal-mining town of Connellsville, Missouri. Fourteen months later my mother passed away and her mother, at the age of 62, took my brother, aged 5, and myself to Arkansas to live with her and my grandfather in another small coal mining town named after the Swedish nightingale Jenny Lind. I'm not only a coal miner's daughter; I'm a granddaughter, niece and cousin. I come from a long line of coal miners.

I came to Southern Indiana when I was eighteen, met my husband Richard at the age of twenty-two. We had a whirlwind courtship and married after two months of knowing each other. Everyone said it wouldn't last but we celebrated our golden wedding anniversary on April 30th of 2005. We have two wonderful sons and daughters-in-law, two equally wonderful grandsons and one beautiful granddaughter. We also have an angel dog named Buddy.

I grew up reading Longfellow, Tennyson and all the "Grand Old Masters," but it wasn't until I was in my early thirties that the Lord blessed me with the gift of writing. Some of my poems and stories have been published in anthologies and in local newspapers and magazines.

I love writing poems that glorify my Lord and Saviour. I hope you enjoy reading them and receive a blessing.

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