Sarah Berthelson

Saved at age twelve, Sarah Berthelson has been teaching, in Sunday school, since she was 21 years old and currently leads a Ladies Sunday School Class in Millington, Tennessee. Having a degree in Education, from the University of Southern Mississippi, Sarah also taught school until her family began. Sarah and her husband are blessed with two grown sons (Chad and Shay) and six wonderful grandchildren.

Sarah has experienced more than her fair share of hard times and losses; the many relocations of being a military family, having a husband away ~ as a USMC pilot, the heartbreak of losing a son to suicide, and more.

Nonetheless, Sarah never found darkness so great but what God was there. She speaks of the joy in being 'in His presence,' shares her testimony with groups around the Memphis area, and now, shares her heart with you in her books, "He Guides My Path," "Just Jesus," and "Only by His Grace." Please visit Sarah at He Guides My Path, her new website.

Give Him The Glory
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