Sally Matheson

My name is Sally Matheson. I was born in South Bend, Indiana on March 16th, 1950.

As a teenager, we moved away from there, and moved to Michigan where I live now, just outside Detroit. We moved from South Bend when Studebaker went out of business, that was where my Dad worked. I loved it there, and I love it here too.

I have a wonderful husband and a Daughter. I also have two teenage Grandsons, Nicholas and Joshua, and a lovely seven year old Granddaughter named Bailey.

I started writing poems and made a web site just on a whim. I wanted to see if I could do it. I found writing to be a form of expression that I never knew I had. I find comfort and peace of mind through expression there, on my web site. I do it strictly for relaxation and fun.

My newest hobby is making jewelry. It is another peaceful and creative form of relaxation. I love music, crafts, and my computer, and writing poetry. I have worked at a nearby hotel for the past eighteen years where I am the Concierge. I meet lots of wonderful people there, and they feel like my family away from home. it is really a great and wonderful, fun job. I am very happy for all my blessings!

A Fine Romance
Nostalgic Midi Music