Meet Marie Williams, Etheleen Hall and William McCoy.

Marie Williams

I have been married to my high school sweet heart for 42 years in April of 2008. We have three beautiful adult children and nine grandchildren who keep us very busy!

I never worked outside the home because my husband and I felt that it was more important to be home for our children and active in their daily life. My husband was a excellent provider for our family and is still working after all these years!

I wrote a weekly newspaper article for two years and then decided to try my hand at poetry after some encouragement from friends. I found that it was an excellent tool to minister to hearts, or simply encourage and uplift friends and family all over the Internet. Thus, I left the newspaper and started my own web site with the help of another friend who became my webmaster.

I have been published in a couple of books, have poetry all over the internet, and have one published at Holy Land USA in Bedford, Va. I've won writing competitions... yet, God is my inspiration and none of the awards would mean a thing without him in my life. I am merely a tool for the Lord to flow through to reach out to others.

I enjoy reading, writing, and sketching. I also play the piano by ear and sing.

Each day is a blessing, and I am so thankful for my salvation, husband, family, and friends!

The late Etheleen Hall
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When Kathleen asked me to write about my Mother for Herald A New Day's guest writer's page I was saddened to even think about trying to put into words what Etheleen Sweat Hall still means to me even almost 11 years after her death to lung cancer. Who am I to even try to put into words what she meant to me and all my family?

At first I wanted to call my sister Debbie and let her tell you what it meant having a Mother live in your home whose whole world was her walk with the Lord, and sharing that walk with her children and grandchildren.

Every time my daughters and I would visit Mama in Albany, Georgia, there would be a new poster handwritten on her bedroom wall. They always quoted scripture or said something to encourage everyone who came to visit. At the time of her death, my sister Debbie told me to make sure that my girls took anything of Mama's that they wanted back to our home in Kennesaw, Georgia. The thing they chose was a handwritten poster off Mama's wall! They still treasure it today.

Even after her death, Mama continues to share her faith with others by her writings that she felt the Lord gave to her. I feel so blessed to have a friend like Kathleen who also knew and loved my Mother and took the time to launch Letters From Home so all will have a chance to hear what God tells us if we are only still enough to listen.

Jan Hall Morgan

William McCoy
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William & Virginia McCoy are the parents of three sons and one daughter. They are also blessed with six grandchildren and one great-grandson. William was born in West Virginia and still resides there.

A big, quiet, God-fearing man, William doesn't really think of himself as a writer but has a real knack for relating homespun stories and the occasional joke. He is also an accomplished singer and musician.

William & Virginia have been married since 1958 and will celebrate their 50th anniversary in November of 2008. It's still a treat to see them together and in love after so many years.

William has written several short stories for Herald A New Day, most of which can be found in our Yarns and Recollections section. Both he and Virginia mean so much to me and have given me emotional support many times through the years. They are my big brother and sister-in-law and I love them very much.

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge

Elmer's Tune
Sequenced by Nils-Helge Brede
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