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I am a wife, mom, grandmom, have two dogs, and best of all I am a Christian in love with Jesus... I am a Texan who lives in California... I have two websites and a linkware section too... I am webmistress for a dear friend too... I have numerous hobbies...There's so much I have tried, and so much more I want to do! My computer is my number one hobby, I love making the websets, and I like to dabble with oil painting... I love the many friends I have met via the internet too! Life is beautiful, I thank God for every day of it!

Judith Johnson Kypta

As far back as I can recall, I have enjoyed writing. During school recess, I would sit and write while the other children played. I laid my pen down, when I became wife and mother. Throughout the years I would write, now and then . . . but, never seriously. Its just in these past several years that I have started writing again.

I have enjoyed a career as "Personnel Recruiter" for over (21) years, then changed professions, becoming a "Mortgage Executive, and "Title Clerk." After retirement, poetry verses started rekindling, and the urge to write, came to a head. With that urge, I seemed drawn, to concentrate on "Christian Poetry."

My husband Ron and I reside in Pennsylvania, our home town. We are currently enjoying our retirement, with more time for family and friends. Our love birds, Abe & Sarah, and our kittens "Miss Lucy Two Shoes (lu-lu)" and "Miss Tutu" keep us active, in caring for them. Beside maintaining my websites, I am currently writing a "Series'"about our neighborhood animal friends, entitled "Abby Ding Glove."

Ron and I enjoy our three married children, whom have blessed us with seven grandchildren. We are very proud of our newest addition, Great Granddaughter, Meadow Marie.

Becoming a Christian in 1981, I learned so much about God, that I hadn't known previously. It seemed He had plans for me, as He has guided me along. Since those early years, I have had the opportunity to teach an adult bible class, and hold the office of "President" of the Woman's Auxiliary. In holding that office, I had the opportunity to meet with many Christians who shared many beautiful testimonies, telling how God intervened in their lives. During the time I was teaching bible class, I was also learning so much . . . Through His word.

God has blessed me with a talent, to share with you . . . His love and mercy, through verse. He is my "Inspiration."


More about Judith Johnson Kypta

Judith's poetry appeared monthly in "The Vine" a Christian devotional magazine for teenage girls. She has been published in anthologies, local newspapers and has written jingles for a pharmaceutical magazine. She has twice received "The Editor's Choice Award" for outstanding achievement in poetry.

Along with poetry, Judith is a writer of children's books.

A New publication will be released soon . . . The "Abby Ding Glove" Series.

Judith is a member of the web site Faith Writers and writes for the web site Quilts of Love, a site that is dedicated to children with terminal illnesses. Judith writes individual poems for each child, then it is placed on the quilt.

Writing in "Free Style" Judith's poetry is plain and to the point. Almost all of her poetry carries a message. A Christian, many years, Judith expresses her love for the Lord. She hopes to express to you, the love and comfort offered to all who desire to know Him. Her weekly Inspirational poetry can be read along with other articles and items of interest at

Her latest book "Dancing With the Lord" Released in 2006 is available at all fine book stores.


I was born in Macon, Georgia and grew up in the Atlanta area where I married and my children were born.

In my early years of marriage, I was involved in many community and service programs and spent many years in volunteer services for children's programs. Later, I help to develop and lead a Church Missions Program for children, senior program for senior adults, and Church Internet Prayer Ministry.

I began to write in later years, after spending fifteen winters in Florida. From the beginning of my writing I have used the pen name of Southbreeze (a name given to me by a special Canadian friend) and am known in many places of the world by this name. I also maintain an active website,, where many of my poems appear and also have a website called The Poet's Desk. Many gifted authors have poems on this website at

I spend most of my spare time writing and gardening and am currently very active in my church's Internet Prayer Ministry and Library, and teaching basic computer skills to adult church members. I currently reside in my hometown of Roswell, Georgia, where I enjoy friends and family - four children and nine grandchildren.

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