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I grew up with an alcoholic father and had a wonderful, loving Christian mother. There was a minister and her husband who came down our dirt road with chairs/song-books and held Sunday school for us 7 kids and Mom.

I remember my dad's violence, the physical, emotional, and mental abuse my precious mother stood for 13 years and finally one day he beat her so bad and had gone back into the house for a gun. Totally drunk he staggered into the house and we all ran. My sister took the twins up a dirt road toward a grocery store and I took my mother by the hand through a fully grown corn field across to a house on the other side. Knocked on the door and as soon as the man saw us he closed the door. I took her to the highway where a grocery store was. The lady gave my mother first aid and called another aunt to pick us kids up. An ambulance took my mother. She divorced him and we moved.

Faithfully we were taken to church 3 times a week and my mother taught us of the Unconditional Love of Our Heavenly Father. After high school I went to work to help. I married a wonderful Christian man and we raised 10 children, including some adopted. What a Prayer warrior he was. Wonderful husband, father. At age 54 he was diagnosed with colon cancer that took his life at age 56.

I grieved so intense that I moved to Texas where my oldest son lived. I lived there two years. He died 22 years ago now. I came home to take care of my mother who had had open heart surgery. While there I met a man who had been my brother's long time friend. I was not interested but the encouragement continued and I finally conceded to date him. Loved talking with him (a retired minister/juvenile probation officer). We married, in 1993. Married now 15 years. He has been through radiation for prostate cancer and is doing fine so far.

God is my All in All and has taken me through some things that would make anyone know He is A POWERFUL GOD and/His Love is Unconditional. He is my Strength, My Counselor, My Guide, My Healer, My Provider and I will go into those in detail of all He has done for me in my 73 years. Miracles. I mean Real Miracles. Some Instant. I Love Him with all my heart and am looking forward to His Coming and I believe it is very Soon!!!

The stories in my life I share only to help others going through some of the same things I have and knowing that we serve a God who is Big enough to meet Our EVERY NEED. I have my life in a book I will be getting published in the next year.

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