Welcome Karen Payne, Brenda Sparkman and Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4.

Karen Payne

I could tell you all about the places I've lived and the people I've known and their profound, and sometimes not so profound effect on me, but all that is in my poetry and stories.

I could tell you about my long, slow, often stumbling walk toward the Lord, Jesus and His Healing, Redemptive and Profound Grace.

But I think that I will just tell you that I Love the Lord, Love Gaither (and all other) Gospel Music, have attended almost every Christian church know to man, (and a few who aren't so well known).....and one thing that I have learned is this:

We are all, every one of us, simply Sinners......... SAVED BY GRACE !!!!!!!

My prayer has always been that someone, somewhere, would read something I had written~~~and that experience would, in some small way, draw them closer to the Lord and HIS unconditional LOVE~~~~for I believe that LOVE is the ANSWER~~not matter what the question. God Bless and remember..............U R Loved.

Brenda Sparkman

Most important to me is my love of God, my family and my country. I have a love for small animals, small children, the ocean, nature and a tranquil world filled with peace and harmony. I love to read, write poetry, listen to music and to spend quiet, quality time with my husband.

I was lucky enough to have found and married my soul mate. My husband Jim is a wonderful, sensitive and loving man. He is my biggest fan and my best friend, always there to provide the love, encouragement and support I need.

Jim and I have one son and he has blessed us with three grandchildren. We live in Oregon where the trees and mountains never seem to end. They have some of the most beautiful waterfalls here you could hope to see and from Salem the ocean is only an hour away.

Previous to my starting to write poetry, I was an apartment manager. During that time I did write several articles giving advice on apartment management but I never imagined I would some day become a poetry writer.

It has now been four years since I started writing poetry and started my poetry web site, trying to share the poems I have written. Always with the hope they will bring comfort and understanding to those who need it and know someone does understand what they may have been through. I feel they are for everyone. Some of my poetry is written about my life experience or someone I know, others are founded in my strong spiritual faith and the rest are from a vivid imagination.

During this time I have been blessed to meet people from all over the world. Were it not for the encouragement I continually received, the dream of sharing my poetry would never have been possible. My greatest thanks go to God for the gift he gave me and to Jim, my husband, who has always been there and never stop believing in me.


My name is Andrea, better known online as Kentucky_Lady4. I am 63 years old, have been married for 44 years (since 1963), to the same fellow! He is a keeper! We have 4 children, and 7 grandchildren.

My Christian grandmother loved to express herself with poetry, and would write on little pieces of paper, or anything she had close by, even the recipe books have a few poems in them. My mother wrote for a time, and they were beautiful poems. I began writing as a child, but have lost all I had ever done. I have an assortment of 'my' poems on my site, as well as sharing many that others have written. I do love how poetry can express 'a person', their life and even dreams. As for my poetry, it comes from the Lord and I give to Him all the glory. The words come to me, when I can sit quietly and listen. When I am stressed or not feeling well, He abides with me, but there are no words on paper.

I live in Kentucky, which is evident, and up until 14 years ago I always lived in 'town'. Now we live in the country and I do love it so much. The fresh air, the critters that run through the yard, the smell of fresh mowed hay, and just the peace of God's land.

I had a Christian upbringing and gave my life to Christ at the age of thirteen, and was baptized in a local Baptist church which I attended. That doesn't make me perfect, it makes me a 'forgiven sinner', and one that will inherit Heaven one day with my loved ones gone on before me. If those of you that read this do not know the Lord, I cannot emphasize to you strongly to get to know the Lord, and accept Him into your heart!!

I am honored to be on Kathleen's site, and enjoy reading all the poems she shares of hers as well as others, and also the writings as well.

Swingin' On A Star
Sequenced by Sal Grippaldi aka RedSal