Judy & Edward Marquart

Judy & Edward Marquart

Gosh sakes not too good at writing about myself but love to write for others. I have been married for twenty-eight years to a very loving man named Edward, Ed for short. I had been in a very abusive marriage before that for eighteen years until I finally took the children and left. Ed was the best thing that ever happened to me besides my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and is the love of my life. He is the most caring person I have ever met and a very hard worker.

We have four children "two boys and two girls" which Ed got when he got me! We now have five granddaughters, four grandsons, three great-granddaughters and last but not least four great-grandsons and one more that will be born in October which we are not sure if it will be a girl or boy yet.

I was born and raised in Western New York and so was my husband so we are both from pretty much the same area. We own a very large cash crop farm and got rid of the milking cows and air service quite a few years back. Our main crop is potatoes for making potato chips with and then the usual other crops plus green beans, sweet peas and sweet corn for the canning factory. I am retired but Ed is still working on the farm and don't think he ever will retire as he took it over along with his brother many years ago from their mom and day when they decided to quit farming and it is in his blood to stay. I can't even get him to slow down some and retirement falls on deaf ears I am afraid.

I lived in the country when I was small then we moved to a very small town and lived there until I got married. Now I am back in the country and love it and never plan on leaving. I got some college courses in on bookkeeping and computers quite a few years back and worked in various offices for forty years before retiring. Then of all things retired to the farm and spent close to ten more years there working lol. I finally had to retire as started having breathing problems and the dust bothered me too much and back problems where I couldn't stand for a long period of time in one place like I was.

I never started writing poetry until a few years ago when I made my first website around the year 2000 and then decided I would try my hand at some poems as my grandfather has a small book published of poems we found of his after he passed on. I guess that is where I got some of my skill from and just went from there.

I love making the pages on my site to bring people closer to our Lord if possible and have met some very beautiful people in the process. This is my way of spreading our Lord's word to others. I started putting my own poems on along with ones from others and just kept on going and plan on having a site until I just can't do it anymore which I pray is way down the road.

I have found one problem that once I get to talking I don't know when to quit as Ed and the kids will tell you so guess I better end this now before I write you a book. We are just plain old country folks that love our family, our God and our Country and that about puts it all in a nut shell.

God bless you all and take care.


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