Introducing Jane Ellen Slone, G. Barry and Cheryl McCoy Pender

Jane Ellen Slone

Hello, everyone! My name is Jane Slone, and I was born in 1954 in Northern Kentucky. My brother Stan was a lot older than I was and given the pleasure of naming me....I always tell people he was going to name me Cheetah, as he liked the Tarzan movies, but then he settled on Jane when the first choice didn't go over too well. He's a great brother! I was born into a loving, Christian family, and was always in church. At the age of 9 I realized I needed the Savior, and accepted Jesus into my heart at that age. What a wonderful journey it is!!

I grew up in Campbell County and went through all 12 years of schooling there, and we lived on a farm there. In 1972, when I graduated, our family moved to Pendleton County to another farm, and I settled down there to working on the farm, with some part time jobs in between. It was there I began writing poetry and writing stories. Was always with a pen in hand, or a book, when not working with my dad and brother on the farm, and inside helping my mom with canning and the house. I lived there for 12 years, and then met and fell in love with the nicest man in the world, Tom Slone.

We were married in 1984 and I moved to West Virginia! We live on the homeplace Tom grew up on, which used to be a farm, and is now lovely woods and "hills" and vallies. The community where I live now is so similar to my Kentucky home.

As I had in Kentucky, I became very active in church and teaching Sunday School and in the choir. Tom and I drove 20 miles to a church in Virginia and there we both served in the choir, and singing together, and my teaching children.

In 2001 a new church was started not two miles from our home, in what used to be a night-club, retired missionaries coming back home to begin the church. We've been there from the start and I now lead the singing there, and still teach the children. It's a wonderful church family. We are blessed.

I hadn't written poetry for a long time, and met a wonderful lady named Jane Ward Smith, who writes beautiful poetry, and has shared them here. She inspired me to begin writing again and to send out some of my poems on the web. It's been a joy re-discovering that talent, and sharing it. Sharing it, too, as part of my witness of all the goodness the Lord brings to our lives!

I enjoy e-mailing friends and family, visiting, and reading is still a pleasure. My passion is good mysteries right now! I also enjoy long walks, and my "critters" in our area, including some very cheeky raccoons who think they are cats.

I'm very thankful for the blessings the Lord gives. And thankful, too, for a wonderful family and great friends. God is good. ALL the time!

G. Barry

G. Barry was born April 27, 1965 in Rochester, New York. When he was five years old his family moved to the nearby town of Victor where he graduated from Victor Senior High School in 1983.

He earned his Bachelor's Degree from S.U.N.Y at Geneseo in upstate New York and later received a second degree in Mortuary Science from Gupton-Jones College of Mortuary Science in Atlanta, Georgia. He currently lives with his wife and family in Virginia where he works as a Licensed Funeral Director.

His passion for writing and poetry has been a part of his life since his early years. He is a self-proclaimed old soul who enjoys delving into the deeper side of who we are as people and spiritual beings. His books, Reflections of an Old Soul I and Reflections of an Old Soul II are the first and second in a series of recent pursuits including an upcoming full length fiction novel and series of children's books.

G. Barry's books may be purchased at Barnes & Noble and

Cheryl McCoy Pender

The fifth of seven siblings, Cheryl was born into a loving, but poor, family in the Appalachian area of eastern Kentucky. Even though she has lived in Michigan since she was a teen, Cheryl remains a country girl at heart. She is married to Ronnie and they are the parents of four children who have given them a passel of grandchildren.

In an effort to compete with her three brothers, Cheryl started doing woodworking as a hobby and has become very good at it. In addition to her role as wife, mother and grandmother, she also dabbles in gardening, painting, whittling and the occasional funny poem, many of which are set to song. Always able to see the humor in most things, Cheryl is a delight to be around. Some of her poems have been featured on Herald A New Day's Guest Poets page.

Down Yonder
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