Jeannette E. Smith

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on November 20, 1941, Jeannette Elaine Hiltz learned early that life was not always easy. Her family was very poor. She was the middle child in a family with seven children. She believes that the struggles of her early childhood made her a stronger, more faith-filled person. Jeannette and her siblings were brought up in a God fearing home.

Her father played the organ in the church and the children all sang in the choir at very young ages. Sunday School was important in their lives, and from this religious education, a strong bond was forged between Jeannette and her Lord. This bond was further nurtured by her loving grandparents who always put God first in their lives. Jeannette began writing songs and hymns at first, and then her writing developed into inspired poetry. She feels that she is "merely the channel through which the Lord 'gets his message across.'"

She resides in the Garden of Eden in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. She is inspired by the beautiful surroundings there. Her greatest love, next to her love of God, is that of the love for her family...Her husband Cecil, daughter Heidi and husband Mike, and her grandchildren Jordan, Evan and Daniel.

It is her hope that the words that the Lord has given to her will be read by the person(s) for whom they were intended. It is fulfilling to spread the Word, for that is what we are all called to do.

Have Thine Own Way, Lord
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