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I was discharged from the Army June 14, 1957 at Fort Hood, Texas and returned home to Majestic, Ky. Four days later, on my way to Freeburn, Kentucky, two girls were walking home. I stopped and offered them a ride like any good citizen. Never mind both of them were wearing short shorts. I was doing my good deed for the day

I had never met either of them before that day. One of them was real pretty, but she was only fifteen. Two and a half months later, with her parents' blessing, we were man and wife. We have been married for fifty years

Both Alena and I have always tried to help others. She is a much more caring and giving person then I am but I try to do my part.

At the age of sixty-three I became a Christian. I'm seventy-one years old and my life is complete.

I have been writing songs and poetry for many years and enjoy it very much. Herald A New Day has a category dedicated to my writings. You may see my page at Poetry by James Sanders.

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