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Formerly a native Kentuckian, I am now living in Michigan. Until moving here in November, 2005 I still attended the same "family church" where my mother became a charter member in 1941 and Daddy followed her shortly afterward. I can't remember a time when I was not keenly aware of God and wanted to go to church and Sunday school. Before my mother and dad started going to church, I attended the nearby Freewill Baptist Sunday school. I recently retired from my job as bookkeeper at an optometrist office in Kentucky after 20+ years at the same office.

Until November 2005 I also still lived where I was born and reared. I had moved away a couple of times, but gravitated back home. The hills called me back irresistibly, but I guess this Michigan move is permanent. But I still have "blue blood"!

Though I have no children of my own, I was able to help with the "care and feeding" of three step-children. They are grown now and have children of their own.

That City Of Light
Written, Arranged & Sequenced by Maury Baggett
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