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My name is Eddie, and I chose the name "Dark Blue Knight" from a book that I once read titled "The Blue Knight" by Joseph Wambaugh. The book is about three Police Officers and I thought it was an appropriate name to use because I served as a Police Officer for about ten years. However the name "Blue Knight" already belonged to someone else so I decided on Dark Blue Knight as our dress uniform was in fact dark blue. So the "Dark Blue Knight" was born.

I was born in 1952 in the city of Trieste, Italy and came to Australia with my parents in 1956. I grew up in the country areas of Western Australia, but now live in Brisbane, the capital city of the State of Queensland.

Although I am very proud of my Italian heritage, I truly consider myself an Australian and am very proud to have served both my country and my community. I served with the Australian Army for 5 years (1970 - 1975) and as a Police Officer for almost 10 years (1980 - 1989).

Unfortunately due to medical problems, I was forced to retire from my service as a Police Officer in 1989. Serving as a Police Officer was my life. My enforced retirement was a cruel blow and one from which I am still recovering. Because of my medical problems, many of the things I once enjoyed are no longer possible.

However I have found new interests especially in the last few years. In April 1999, I began writing poetry, something I had never contemplated prior to that time. In fact I recall I hated English as a subject at school..........maybe the years mellow us a little. Many of my poems and also other writings will be featured on this site and I hope you enjoy them as I share them with you all.

The person who deserves the greatest accolades for helping me recover is my dear wife Sharon. I have dedicated a page on my website to her. Some of us are fortunate enough to meet and marry a true soul mate; I am one of those fortunate people.

Of course I enjoy my computer and spend many hours simply surfing and viewing many beautiful and creative sites. I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people in my travels throughout cyberspace. To those I say, "Thank You."

Footnote: Eddie is also a talented graphic designer and offers beautiful linkware on his site.


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