Welcome Catherine Turner-Joll, Marilyn Ferguson and Kathryn Sunday Davis.

Catherine Turner-Joll

My name is Catherine and I live in England. I have two grown up kids and I work full time as a registered nurse in the emergency department.

Ever since I was at high school I have loved writing, but mostly fictional stories. I started writing poetry for friends when I was living in Germany, and have written a few more poems since. My poetry isn't very good, although there are one or two poems that I have written that I am quite pleased with. One of my ambitions is to write a novel.

When I am not writing poetry, I love history and visiting historical places as well as photography and many other things.

I am currently a keen visitor to Sweden and am learning to speak Swedish. If I were a rich person I would buy a house in Sweden and divide my time equally between living there and here in the UK.

Marilyn Ferguson

I was born in 1954 and raised in Illinois, graduating from B-PC High School in 1972. I have one son, Doug, age 25, from a previous marriage. I married again in 1997 and my husband Bill and I will celebrate 11 years of marriage this year. The past two years have been rough for me. I was diagnosed recently with congenital spinal stenosis and degenerative joint and disc disease. I have had two major surgeries since 2006. The first involved a triple lumbar fusion in Jan. 2006 and the 2nd was performed on July 12th, 2007. Three discs were removed from my neck and fused together with a titanium plate, however, I refuse to give up. I am determined to keep active and try to remain positive about the situation, reminding myself, there are others much worse off than myself.

I first began writing poetry at the young age of nine when my aunts discovered some poetry I had composed for my grandparents in a cedar chest that my grandmother kept before she died. I first developed a love for poetry at an even younger age. I recall having my mother read poetry to me when I just 7 years old. I continued composing now and then through my high school years, but it wasn't until I was saved and baptized in 1988, when my true poetic abilities came to life. My work took on a religious tone and I felt God's spirit in me as I penned the words.

Currently, my poetry is being displayed on more than 200 sites across the world. God has blessed my ministry with over 5,200 subscribers from the U.S. and 81 foreign countries. A few musicians have set some of my verses to music.

Very recently, Roger McGuinn, founder, lead singer and guitarist for the world renowned group, "The Bryd" contacted me through my website and he has already placed two of my poems to music. One of songs The Spirit of Christmas can be found on Roger's MySpace.com blog. More recently, he placed my newest poem, "Journey with Jesus" to song and it can be found on my website at www.marilynspoetry.com . The Byrd's were very popular on the charts from 1964 to 1973 where Roger's songs,"Turn, Turn, Turn and Mr. Tambourine Man" hit number 1. The band later broke up and Roger decided to go solo. He now sings folk music and performs concerts across the U.S.

My big goal is write a book composed of the poetry I have written. Many individuals have written to request one. Of this one thing, I can be sure, "It is God who guides my hand and heart!

Kathryn Sunday Davis

I was born on July 19, 1948 and raised in Michigan. I have lived here all my life. I was married for 33 years and have been divorced for almost six years. I have three beautiful children, two sons, 37 and 26 and a married daughter 33. I also have a grandson and granddaughter. My two sons are mentally disabled and live with me and they are two of the most kind and caring people. My children and grandchildren are the light of my life. Many people say when they have children they don't come with a 'How To' book. That really is not so, our 'How To' book has always been the Bible as our guide in everything and my children are all fine Christians.

I started writing poetry about 20 years ago when I was diagnosed as Bipolar. The doctors always wanted me to journal my feelings and I would start writing and writing and never could just sum up my feelings. Then I discovered that I could write poetry for my journals and that way, I had a beginning, middle and end and was done with that thought. My poetry writing escalated from there into writing about this illness in a way I could help others understand, if they had family members with Bipolar disorder or if they, themselves, had this illness. I then started writing on other subjects just to make people feel good about themselves. I do write a lot of humorous things too, which is a great outlet for my imagination!

From there I now have a successful poetry, greeting card site http://www.adreamandasmile.com.

I have always been creative in many different things through my life, but my website has been a wonderful blessing for me. I've had my site for almost two years and it is a joy to share with others.

I'll Be There
Georgia Girl Midis