Carolyn Nored Lequieu Mail Website

I have been asked many times why I began making my sites. I will first of all say that in no way, could I ever do what I am doing without God. I really do believe in my heart that He brought this website to me for a good reason. He does not make mistakes. So for His reason I began a whole new life on the web.

I am with God everyday on my sites. I am a former gospel singer that has been reunited with some old friends that use to sing along with my family in concerts. Most all of them have gone on to Heaven now. Several went to Heaven this year; Heaven sure got sweeter in 2004. But God knew how much I missed my Southern Gospel Family and He brought them back to me or me to them. From my first page about my family to all of what I have on now, makes me so happy that I never gave up.. And that God never gave up on Me.. Most all of the pages are from me sitting here and just writing as if I was talking.. That is why you will find many mistakes on my pages.. But that is fine with me. I am just a plain ole country gal; yes we have country in California. We were poor in material things, but I am proud of my family. My parents made sure that we all knew God and we had a lot of family time together when we were still at home.

People love reading family stories as much as I do. And my Southern Gospel songs have brought many to my site. They love Gospel Music... God brought me to this web making and He gets all of the credit. I, in no way, consider myself as having a Ministry. But if telling this story and making pages like I do, brings lost souls to Jesus, it is worth all of the work that I do. I have had several letters from young people and adults that said they gave their life to Jesus while listening and reading something on my site. I am in no way boasting. I do not believe in that. But I sure want to reach as many as I can in song or stories or poems. I have come very close to closing several times and just when I do that, a letter comes with some kind of word of encouragement that keeps me going.. I will keep on as long as there is a need to tell others about His love. I love the Lord more than anyone. He is my all, my best friend, He is all I need.

God Bless Each One Of You...
Love Carolyn

When We All Get To Heaven
Performed by Margi Harrell