Antoinette Mangano

Antoinette Mangano is a wife, mother, teacher and self- proclaimed "scribe" of her family. She loves to write sentimental notes in greeting cards for loved ones, and to recite passages and blessings at weddings.

Opportunities to communicate with others are the fuel that drives her to continue to present herself as a person first, and as a person living with a disability second.

Antoinette possesses a deep desire to exemplify the idea that anyone, no matter what their physical limitations, can reach their goals. Above all else, she considers her crowning achievement to be her beloved, six- and a half-year-old twin daughters.

The daughter of writer/composer/musician Sal Grippaldi, Antoinette comes by her talent naturally and is a joy to her parents. Herald A New Day is honored that both father and daughter are frequent contributors to the site and will be featuring Antoinette's poems regularly.

A Day Like Today
©Original Composition by Sal Grippaldi
Sequenced by Sal Grippaldi aka RedSal