Things You'll Need 1 LARGE cooking pot 3 medium potatoes - peeled and cut into ½" chunks ½ cup shredded cabbage ¾ cup uncooked macaroni or thin noodles 3 large cans crushed or diced tomatoes 1 can peas 1 can sliced or diced carrots 1 can cut green beans 1 can green baby lima beans 1 can whole kernel corn 2 cans corned beef - chilled 1 medium to large onion, chopped but What To Do

Put the potatoes and cabbage in the LARGE cooking pot and cover with water. Cook until water starts boiling and add macaroni or noodles. Add canned tomatoes and one can water. Stir frequently to keep from burning. Drain water from canned vegetables and add to mixture. If it's too thick at this point, you may add a little more water. After it starts to boil again, add onions.

Trim fat from corned beef and cut into chunks. Add to mixture. Stir, lower heat and simmer until all flavors are mixed and soup has thickened.

This makes very good leftovers and may also be frozen.

Serves a bunch…





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