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Whatever the challenge you're facing today Remember to whom you belong Your lord and provider will show you the way And fill up your heart with a song Be wise and aware of this world and its news But don't linger too long in that camp For each group has its views, of how you should choose But God's word is a light and a lamp Dig deeply within God's marvelous book Ask Him to speak truth to your heart He'll point out quite clearly the steps that He took To show you His plans from the start His spirit will guide you in all that you read Your soul will be blessed and renewed You'll find that in Christ you can truly succeed When eternity's values are viewed Keep priorities straight as you move on with god Let Him be your goal and your prize Keep travelling the road that's narrow, not broad With the Savior who satisfies Press onward and upward in all that you do Be mindful of who's in control Lay down every weight that would hinder your view And sow seeds that are good for the soul It's all about God and those folks we can bless We're a part of His vision and scope Let's encourage each person who's seeking the best To turn to the God of all hope! Jim Lake ©2016 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail share

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