Art by Delphin Enjolras ~ Sapphire Designs 2014

The fabric of my happy life was torn And began to ravel apart one fateful day When an important thread woven through Came loose and was taken away. The loom was threaded for the weaving to begin. It took threads strong and true. The first was stretched tight to the loom. The other fastened to the shuttle held in the weaver's hand. Then the weaving began forming a fabric of my life. The strong thread attached to the loom was the man And the other attached to the shuttle the wife. God was the weaver who married the two weaving the fabric of a wonderful family. As time passed the weaver added sparkle to the fabric With children added by His grace And enhancement of the cloth showed their face As one after the other they took their place. Many years the fabric served the family well As it was cleaned of any imperfection And pressed back into shape as before Showing no evidence of wear. We snuggled warm and secure in the fabric Wrapped lovingly around our shoulders Drawing each with bonds of love to our heart Forming the whole with each dear part. Then one fateful day the fabric was torn As one sturdy thread was ripped away Leaving a hole needing careful repair. The weaver drew the threads with love stitches Close enough it seemed the hole was never there. The fabric of the family never wore thin Though distance made it stretch Giving room for added buttons helping it overlap With added strength never to snap. The weaver took one sparkling jewel back to Him And the fabric was never the same again For its strength began to wane And its beauty began to dim. One day the fabric sensed a renewal of pride In the gentle kindness of the weaver's hand Knowing the hole had been mended And the fabric was whole again. Jane Ward Smith © 2015 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail share


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Kathleen MavourneenSapphire Designs 2014