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They say time flies when you're having fun, So I must be having a ball! Seems from the rise to the setting of the sun I've completed nothing at all. I get up as early as I can, And take care of so many things. The hourglass runs out of sand. Another bird on that bird clock sings! Just when I get deep into my work The phone begins to ring. I don't intend to stop or shirk... Then I hear an e-mail ding! By the end of the day there's all this dust I intended to have gone by noon. I meant well, but then I just Close the door and leave the room. But in the day I had some laughs And sure got deep into that book! Maybe I DID the work in halfs. Perhaps there were too many breaks I took! Yet life is meant to be lived. Life really is such a joy. I'd probably do better if I would give Away some of these distracting toys! Tomorrow I'll probably get more done, Even if I don't get to it all. And find time to have a lot of fun, 'Cause time flies and I'm having a ball! Jane Ellen Slone © March 19, 2009 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail share

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On The Road AgainSapphire Designs 2013