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Lord Jesus just show me what you would have me do I feel so empty when I have done nothing for you Give me a vision today to love unconditionally To pray unselfishly and be of help to someone Lord Jesus Just Show Me I need to have a mission that is from you Lord Not just sit and wonder what I need to do Make it very clear to me where I am to go Should I sit and read your word or kneel and pray Lord Jesus Just Show Me Would you have me call the neighbor that is sick Or should I go visit the one that is lonely and sad Do you want me to kneel and pray and just be glad That I am your child and be satisfied, not sad Lord Jesus Just Show Me Forgive me if I have given someone the wrong advice Let me love the one that hurt me by their unkind words Give me wisdom to know what to say to the lost souls Speak clearly Lord that I will know what my mission is Lord Jesus Just Show Me Sarah Berthelson © March 16, 2009 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail share

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Teach Me, Lord, To WaitSapphire Designs 2014