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Convinced because of hired liars and thieves, Convicted by an agnostic ruler, Questioned by a fearful and angry king; They had their mock trials. Their torture and beatings, Their jeering and taunting, Their open door traps were there, too ... Waiting for Him to admit, Before these accusers, What He had clearly And openly said, before all. He is the Son of God Almighty. He is the White Stone. He is the Temple that, if destroyed, Would rebuild in three days. He is the Good Shepherd Who Laid down His life for His sheep. He is the Word. He is the Light. He is the Door. He is the Creator. He is the God Who came to live with us. He is our Healer, our Deliverer, Our soon coming King. He is our Provider, our Baptizer. He is our Lover of men's souls. He is our Salvation. The body, that made Him 'one of us', died. On a cross, outside Jerusalem, They put a spear in His side Which brought forth blood and water; Separated, Jesus died. Two brave men begged His body, Provided a tomb. He didn't need it long. © Joan Clifton Costner Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Website Mail Joan is a Heavenly Inspirations Author. share

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Art © Greg Olsen

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