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(Dedicated to my Mother!) I sit here with tears in my eyes, As I hear your painful cries, My heart wants to tell you, It's alright to let go. You are fighting oh so hard, As your pain grows ever so worse, The medicine that is supposed to Be your help, you just can't hold down. Your cries for help we do hear, And the doctor has been called, An ambulance is here at your door, Away to your destiny you now go. Now at your hospital bed I do see, The liquid drip which is much More precious than gold to me, For now you do peacefully sleep. God is whispering gently in your ear, "My child, it's all right to let go. I have a beautiful home just for you, With no pain , if you just let go." Your breath I can no longer see, But your beautiful face is all aglow. Angels have visited this room today, You finally stopped fighting and let go, That "Dear Mother" was many years ago, Today your presents I can still feel. As long as I still have a breath, I Know in my heart you will never let go. © M. Doris Fuller Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail

This is an account of the day my Mother died of cancer on October 3, 1993. This was how that terrible day was for me. May they one day find a prevention while they are working.


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