Behind all the wrinkles and all the gray hair
There lives a lady so wise and so fair.
If you listen to what she has to say,
She'll tell you the curves along life's way.

She's been there and back again you see,
She has much wisdom for you and me.
Although now she doesn't remember her name,
Don't lose patience; she's not playing a game.
Tomorrow she'll regain her memory
And tell you in part, her life's story.

She'll tell you I'm sure just what it takes
To make it through and that it makes
A difference just how you live,
By loving and caring, and how to give
Advice when asked and silence when not,
And that's how her wisdom she got.

She kept "God as her Guide"
And stayed "Close by His side"
Every day she listened for His voice,
So she could always make the right choice.
She never had "The generation gap"
She loved and held little ones on her lap.

And as her life slowly faded away,
She knew with "Jesus" she'd forever stay
She left a lot of love here behind,
So, "Wisdom's Key" everyone could find.

©Luann Bolinger
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author