Winter Faery She sits at tree top sprinkling snow from her chilled breath whispers fall softly. ©Annette Nasser 2002 December Dreams delightfully embraced envisioned, cherished, each advent magically felt beckoning each child reflecting on Christmas Day. ©Annette Nasser 2002 Christmas Cherished memories past times and new, heartfelt, homespun, whimsical and true. Radiating from the windowpane, I catch a glimpse through the corner of my eye, shining, there's a light iridescent and bright, twinkling and glistening making its way to my room, a golden glow from the sun reflecting from the ornaments of my tree. ©Annette Nasser 2002 Christmas Blooms Christmas blooms awake to morning's iridescence and greets a new day ©Annette Nasser 2002 Editor/Publisher, Celebrated Thoughts (c) 2007-2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

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