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"When is He coming, again?" you ask. For, He said we would recognize A host of events the Lord would send; We wouldn't be too surprised. When is He coming? I'll tell you. Oh, no, not the day nor the hour. But, the Bible assures us He'll do it. Through the clouds, He'll return with such power! It will be when parents turn children away, When they know nothing of holy teaching. It will be when the people find games to play And it's not for Bibles they're reaching ... When they look for a high or sedation, When mercy is dying for use, When justice is 'done' and not even one Really cares for the fact of the truth. It will be when man's knowledge astounds us, When pictures float through the air, When babies are thrown in the dumpster; The aged left to sit and to stare. It will be when the world is indifferent And tolerance of evil abounds, When men close their eyes while the little ones cry; Ungodly acts all around. It will be when the wars can't be halted Though men cry for peace every day, When bombs go off in the market Or the grounds where the children play. That will be when He says, "It is finished!" And He signals for Christ to descend. When the last thing on men's minds is Jesus, That's when He's coming again. And I think for those who are watching, Who are yearning for His return, There is no way to express their gratitude For the way of the cross they learned! Joan Clifton Costner © 2006 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Website Mail share

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