I stand here looking across this hay meadow Where I use to run and play as a little fellow My best friend Rebel was always by my side He never got tired or asks to go inside We would run from here to there He would chase a stick as I threw it in the air Just like in the book about old yellow He was my best friend and I sure miss that fellow After school he would always meet the bus Somehow he always knew it was us I would quickly change clothes so we could have some fun Then I would pick up my old single barrel shotgun We would go to the woods for this had become a habit Rebel and I looking for a rabbit We would usually find one or two I would take them to granddaddy for he knew what to do He would fry them up in a pan They tasted better than anything out of a can Sometimes Rebel and I would go to one of the ponds around our place I would fish for bass and Rebel always sat in his favorite place It seems I always caught four bass and never less This made me think that I was the very best Mama would put them in some kind of batter I never ask her what she did because it really didn't matter Here it is several years later and I can't run in fields like I use to do But if Rebel was still here I believe we would try to Rebel was such a find hunter and his reputation spread all around One day he came up missing while we had gone to town I looked for him everywhere in all of our regular places He could not be found, there were not any traces We finally decided that someone had taken him away I would go to our favorite places and pray I would cry myself to sleep at night But no one ever knew because that just wasn't right I think of him still When I look across a field He was my best friend and I miss him so much Oh for one last touch Then one day when I came home from the store My wife pointing to a puppy on the floor A red ribbon around his neck I looked at her and said, "What the heck." "I got him for you don't you know?" As he ran around wagging his tail to and fro We decided to name him Sam; I will always love him to the very end For you see Sam is now my new best friend We live in the city now and I miss those fields of my younger day I know that if we were there today, Sam, Rebel and I would run and play ©Gerald Powell June 23, 2005 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail share


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