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(In loving memory of Virginia Lee Shell McCoy 10-26-33 ~ 05-10-14) I know today is the worst day Of the rest of my natural life And, according to polite society I'm a widower; I have no wife I sense her presence in every room As her essence wafts through the air I see the image of her lovely face In the living room, there's her empty chair My heart cries out with a plaintive, "WHY?" But ours is not to question Him I beg God's strength to go on alone Yet my future seems suddenly dim Though family and friends surround me And I feel their love so clear I'd give my life for one more day With a wife I hold so dear People talk a lot about closure But it's something that I just can't see I only know that I'm half a man Since I lost the best part of me William H. McCoy, Jr. © May 11, 2014 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved share

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