I'd like to turn back the hands of time To Christmas traditions of my youth But alas the old won't do Because we now have traditions that are new. Singing Christmas carols in the neighborhood Spreading the glad news Of a Savior born in a manger Born to die for me and you We shared with joy back then. Gifts once were simple and rare.. An apple, orange and simple toy Brought such special joy. Now choice of a gift seems so hard So a gift certificate is placed in a card With little thought or love there. A simple manger scene we would display And perform the events of that special day With children singing in the school play With joyeous delight Telling of that Holy night. The first Christmas angels sang carols of joy To welcome the precious little boy And now we sing "Away in the manger" "Joy to the World" and "Oh, Holy Night For the star shining bright Leading shepherds to a stable Where the Christ child lay. Now, we are told no mention can be made Of Christ in any way... Not even about the day set aside to celebrate The event of His birth Sent by our heavenly Father to save the lost on earth But I say Nay! Christmas is not a winter holiday But a celebration of our Savior's birth! Christmas traditions old and new Change as they often do But they must never take away The hope found that first Christmas day Nor forget the precious Name Of Jesus Christ whose love will always stay the same. ©Jane Ward Smith December 5, 2009 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

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