My wish for you at Christmas! The love of God from above, Shining so bright like a star in the night, Twinkling with God's Holy Light, Born unto us this night, Many years ago a baby boy, Born in a stable, there was no room at the inn. This Christ child was sent to save our, Soul for eternity, so we could be free, We owe our lives, to our Heavenly Father, And our Soldiers are willing to fight, For our Freedom, For It's not free! While we celebrate Jesus birthday, Here at home with family, Our Soldiers are in a far and, Distant land fighting for our country, So we can have the freedom and love, Our Heavenly Father sent His Son for! We enjoy freedom everyday because of, Our Heavenly Father's love, Sent down from Heaven above, And our Soldiers, some gave something, Some gave their all for love, Of man, God and country! For what they believed in, Merry Christmas Soldiers, With love, Joy and Peace, This Christmas season, Happy Birthday Jesus! ©Judy Knight December 2, 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail


Missing You At Christmas
Composed and Performed by Margi Harrell